End-User License Agreement

Please read through the following terms and conditions carefully. any interaction or viewing of our services that in any way has this agreement linked anywhere means by accepting (by checking the checkbox at login) or merely viewing the services makes you accountable to have read, understood, and accepted the terms in their entirety

Parts of the agreement

The terms of use are issued by the creators of Yata (Simon Pettersson Fors, Gabriel Wallin, Anton Hägermalm, Eric Lindgren, Carl Nord, och Melker Veltman, hereinafter "Yata", "we" or "us") to you as a user (hereinafter "you" or "user").

Acceptance of terms

The terms apply to all services issued by Yata (hereinafter "services" or "products"). These include primarily the digital service for handling courses and arithmetic data but also extend to other services, provided that these are developed by Yata. The services that require you as a user to log in with a registered account are therefore counted as services covered by the agreement.

Changes to agreement

We take the liberty to change policies that apply to the service, to ensure that the service can be used in a fair and safe manner, and to protect our users in line with Swedish law and other established policies by, for example, universities and schools. When you as a user in any way access or use our services, you accept the most recently updated requirements listed under "Terms of use" on our website. Continued use of our services means that you accept any changes. The date of the last change can be found at the bottom of the document.

Additional Terms and policies

In addition to the Terms and Conditions, you as a user should familiarize yourself with our Privacy policy and Cookie policy, so that you are completely up to date on what your rights are in the services.

Rules and restrictions

When using the "Yata" services, you are not permitted to do any of the following described in the list below:

  • Discriminate or in any way devalue other users by, for example, ethnicity, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or similar sensitive information.

  • Violate any policy established by your university or school, such as plagiarism or cheating.

  • In any way violate Swedish law, or promote behavior that violates Swedish law.

  • In any way test, evaluate, or investigate the vulnerability in and around the service.

  • In any way try to circumvent any authentication steps to the service.

  • Spam other users.

  • In any way, market anything other than the services that Yata provides without our specific permission.

  • Without explicit consent, collect or share any personal information such as names of other users of the Services.

  • Upload inappropriate or illegal content on the service.

  • In any way try to access the service's data, servers, systems, or in any way scrape the service on content that is otherwise out of reach of your authorization.

Sole responsibility

You are solely responsible for your own activity in our services, and all interaction with other users of the service. If we deem it necessary, we reserve the right to interrupt or interfere in such interaction. You also accept that Yata will not be liable for any debt that might potentially arise as a result of such interaction.

Account termination and precautions

We reserve the right to shut down your account in the event of (according to our perception) harmful behavior that violates any part of the terms of use or generally distasteful behavior without any notice. Termination can take place immediately and remain permanent.


If necessary, we or any teachers or those responsible for the course reserve the right to moderate and administer content that we deem appropriate. This means that we can change or delete content if we deem it necessary. This cannot be disputed.

Forwarding of identity

If necessary, we reserve the right to share your identity with third parties, such as school, university, or the like. This is done in connection with a current or potential disciplinary matter, or any breach of this agreement. We also reserve the right to disclose information about you and your identity to relevant law enforcement agencies in the event of a possible or expected crime.

Immaterial rights

Yata owns all intellectual property rights that are available and that are published in the form of text, images, designs, code, graphics, files, etc., unless otherwise specifically mentioned. These works are protected by copyright laws.


We do not take responsibility for links, content nor anything that users publish on our services. For example, we do not take responsibility if anything you publish in our services is protected by intellectual property laws such as copyright.

Changes to the Terms

We systematically update and review our terms of use. Updates are posted on Yata's website, and the current version 1.1 was updated by February 27, 2021.